Stratford Caldecott posts here about a great new book out from http://www.woodenbooks.com/Quadrivium.  It compiles some of the best of earlier books this company had published about music, astronomy, etc., or has the book puts it:  "Number, Geometry, Music, Heaven." 

The Geminids are coming!

I might have missed the Perseids but the Geminids are coming!  Here's an article, which taught me that a lunar eclipse is also coming on December 20.  This same article had this great photograph left by Wally Pacholka of Astropics.com

Here is the site at Astropics.com where you can find more amazing photographs by Wally Pacholka.

For the sick days: four cures

This is not practical at all, except for all you people out there who maybe have a cold and can't stop teaching or mothering or saying Mass, etc., etc.

Four great cures:
1.  Gargle 1 T. apple cider vinegar, once or twice a day.  Swallow.  Feels great and supposedly kills germs in the throat.

2.  Juice orange or grapefruit, one daily, and drink.  Avoid sweets.

3.  Eat one boiled egg for breakfast.

4.  Lemon-honey-mint tea-to-go.  In one Ball canning jar, place one mint tea bag, a large dollop of honey, and two frozen ice-cubes of lemon juice.  Or a 1/4 c. of lemon juice.  This can be carried around.  When you are ready for tea, fill with very hot water, screw lid tightly, handle with a paper towel or oven mitt, and SHAKE. This will emulsify the honey with the beverage.  Honey at the bottom, lemon at the top makes for a healthy but disgusting beverage.  Mixed, with the kick of mint, provides something truly comforting.  This drink I developed by accident and because I wanted to keep walking to work but also have some lemon-honey-mint tea when I got there.  This cured a horrible cold in 8 days and I never missed an hour of work.

How to Open a Pomegranate

I recently found a little printed explanation about how to open pomegranates.  So here is a photo essay on how to eat these gems.

How to Raise Boys That Read

This great article appeared 24 September 2010 in The Wall Street Journal. When he started quoting Plato and C. S. Lewis about right education (using the same passages that so influenced Christian Integration), I had to ask: who is this guy?

The author is Thomas Spence of Spence Publishing, Inc. in Dallas, TX. Thomas Spence is president and publisher of Spence Publishing and a director of Spence Media. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he earned a law degree from the University of Chicago and a master’s in history from Harvard. He was editor in chief at WRS Publishing before founding Spence Publishing in 1996. He has been featured in Publishers Weekly, the Boston Globe, the Dartmouth Review, Insight, and the Washington Times and has written for the Dallas Morning News and the American Enterprise.

If you were thinking about buying your kids some video games, think again.


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